Panama City

Panama City was named after the country of Panama in Central America, so it can be confusing to some. But yes, we are talking of Panama City in Florida, which has nothing to do with the country of Panama. Except that it is very sunny and a great place to relax, just like Panama of the Panama Canal fame.

Panama City is a rather small city with only about 30,000 inhabitants, but when is is full of visitors especially at Spring Break, it can reach half a million of people all at once. There are many ways to enjoy this city, either from a resort or a staycation.

Spring break in Panama City

Sun, alcohol and debauchery … it’s Spring Break for American students!

Millions invade the beaches of Cancun, Acapulco, Laguna Beach in California and Panama City Beach in Florida every year: the Spring Breakers.

Despite its excesses and drifts of all kinds, the American Spring Break is an important moment in students’ life, a week of all permits, a kind of rite of passage. Prepare the aspirins, the party is going to be crazy!

It all started in Fort Lauderdale in 1936, the date of America’s first Spring Break, as the city hosted a congress of swimming coaches at Colgate University in the spring. After the seminar, these gentlemen and ladies were going to relax with plenty of beach, sunshine and of course beers.

Two years later, the Elbo Room Bar opened its counter and the student, beach, alcohol mixture began to take shape. The Spring Break was born. However, in 1985, the National Minimum Drinking Act was passed in the United States and raised the age required for alcohol consumption to 21, pushing all the youngest to go to other countries to make the celebration, including Mexico.

500,000 is the number of students who come to celebrate Spring Break in northwest Florida, Panama City Beach every year.

Vacations in Panama City

But you do not have to be a student to enjoy Panama City, this is a great location to relax and enjoy the sun for anyone of any age.

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One amazing adventure you can have near Panama City is swim with dolphins. A number of the local boats and their captains offer this service for the delight of tourists.

Panama City Beach is a resort located in northern Florida, in the Panhandle region, between Thalahassee in the west and Pensacola in the east. Legend has it that it was an old shrimp port where Tursiops have been used for almost fifty years. One can also think that these dolphins already inhabited the region several thousand years before man and that their relations with the Seminole Indians of the coast must have been excellent.

Based on the recommendation and reviews online by former Lagoon Pontoons customers, many people hire a pontoon boat from Lagoon Pontoons to sail to Shell Island. You can opt for the 90 hp Deluxe boat because it offers complete protection of the canopy against the sun.

Often the groups will consist of an entire family from the grandchildren, daughter and husband, to the grandparents. This is a great way for 3 generations to enjoy nature all together without age differences being a burden. You can select the half-day afternoon trip from 1.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Despite an ever-increasing human presence over the years, despite the hundreds of jet skis, speedboats and other motorboats that come and go on their territory, the resident dolphins do not seem in too bad shape, judging by appearances. You can observe healthy Tursiops moving in sometimes impressive groups.

The babies appear to be numerous and the mothers calm enough to carry out their educational and hunting-gathering activities at various times of the day. It is assumed that about 50 dolphins occupy the premises permanently, namely an area covered with marine grasses around Shell Island (St Andrews Bay).

This biotope is fragile though, but maintained for the moment. These dolphins move in small groups of ten, twelve and most often go fishing on the seafront or at the end of the Grand Lagoon pass, between the two piers, where the fish is very abundant. The place where they most often interact with humans is known as the “Dolphin Point.”